Medical Equipment


The Ramico Establishment is an Agent of well-known famous  COMEN MEDICAL and KELING MEDICAL companies in Syria,

  • COMEN MEDICAL manufactures the following products: Patient Monitor, ECG Machine, CTG Machine, Anesthesia Machine, Neonate Ventilator, Syringe Pump, Infusion Pump, Ceiling Pendant, Defibrillator, Incubator, and Oxygen Blender.
  • KELING MEDICAL manufactures the following products:  OR Lights, Ceiling  Supply Units, Manual & AC-Powered Bed, AC- Powered Suctions Units, OR Table & Chair and Attachments , Stretcher, and Hand-Carried.

COMEN MEDICAL & KELING MEDICAL export their products to all countries of the world, and their products are used in all hospitals around the world, as well as in Middle East.

And Ramico Establishment serves  all products of COMEN MEDICAL  & KELING MEDICAL in Syria.

For more information about above mentioned companies, please visit their  websites: