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Established in 1992 in Homs, the Ramico Foundation has since expanded its reach with a developed headquarters in Damascus, a regional branch in the United Arab Emirates, and a branch in Malaysia. We specialize in providing comprehensive security printing solutions that cater to the evolving needs of various sectors, including banking, government, telecommunications, retail trade, hospitality, and transportation.
Our services are characterized by flexibility, reliability, and an advanced security system. We offer many products, such as magnetized banking cards, ribbons, banking printers, computers, and various materials and equipment. Our offerings meet the requirements of state ministries, public sector institutions, and the private sector. Additionally, we provide, install, and calibrate uninterruptible power supply devices, energy and communication servers, and necessary software and electrical equipment for medium and weak currents. We also cater to everything related to traffic monitoring systems and security and safety.
Our projects encompass design, installation, investment training, program management, maintenance, and other related services.
Our Vision
In response to the rapid growth of technology, we have integrated electrical, electronic, and communication technologies into a single industry. Our team collaborates with our customers to ensure distinguished success in our projects.
Our Beliefs
To sustain our success, we believe in being an institution that:
• Employs specialized cadres for project success.
• Strives to meet our customers’ expectations.
• Interacts with our customers and employees based on mutual respect, cooperation, integrity, and professional competence.
• Applies the highest technical and administrative skills to ensure excellence in our products and services.
• Compliance with legislation, regulations, rules of practice, and Syrian/international standards related to our operations.
• Controls risks in all aspects of our business.
Our Goals
• Deliver services that exceed our customers’ expectations through efficiency, distinguished service, and product quality.
• Provide our employees with guidance and positive support to meet their and our customers’ expectations.
• Ensure a safe, healthy, and enjoyable work environment for our employees.
• Uphold environmental responsibility by conserving resources, reducing waste and emissions, and protecting ecosystems during business activities.
• Obtain an integrated management system.
Why Choose Ramico Foundation?
Ramico Foundation is committed to providing timely solutions to its customers with full technical support. We offer independent professional advice and successful implementation of modern technology. We ensure that our customers have what they need to manage their businesses with maximum efficiency and reliability. Regardless of the location, project complexity, or environmental challenges, our experience makes Ramico a reliable project partner.

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Our Services

We offer unlimited solutions to all your business needs. of all types of products in the field of energy and electricity, generators, vehicles, heavy equipment and medical devices to equip hospitals, laboratories, spare parts, tools, safety, security and protection products,computers…