Ramico Establishment was founded in 1992 based in Damascus and expanded by opening a branch in the UAE and a branch in Malaysiaand .
Ramico Establishment is active in the import and supply of materials, equipment and supplies in different areas and that meet the requirements of the state ministries and institutions of the public sector and the private sector.

Ramico Establishment also participate in many public and private tenders for the supply of all types of products in the field of energy and electricity, generators, vehicles, heavy equipment and medical devices to equip hospitals, laboratories, spare parts, tools, safety, security and protection products,computers and surveillance traffic systems and raw materials to secure the basic materials for industry.


Ramico Establishment is committed to provide high quality products and outstanding services to meet the needs and expectations of the end user, and confirms its commitment to continuous improvement in performance and enhance their ability to meet the requirements and needs of its customers by following a strong policy based on trust, flexibility and affordability.

This is achieved through:

– Meet the desires and needs of customers beyond their expectations and that dealing with major companies and factories specialized

– Decision-making in the company, according to the study and analysis of data.

– The supply of distinctive high quality products at very competitive prices.

– Continuous improvement in performance and keep abreast of technical developments

– Attention to diversity and the expansion of the enterprise activity.

– Raise the efficiency and skill of employees in the organization.

– Contribute to the development of society and promoted.